DRUM Type "HD" (Heavy Duty) Industrial Polishing / Buffing Pads

for the

SPEC Machines™ "DRUM Type"Industrial Polishers

(Manufactured by SPEC Dist. International. Inc.)

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Introducing the "S" series DRUM Type polishing pads, and Wash / Applicator Pads

The latest, most advanced development in DRUM type polishing Pad technology.

In addition to our high quality "HD" (High Density) Wool & Cotton Industrial DRUM TYPE polishing pads, we are excited to release a new kind of pad. A revoloutionary breakthrough in polishing pad design & construction. After several years of intensive research and many trials using dozens of combinations of materials, we have finally developed what is the most advanced & versatile pad for use with the DRUM type industrial polishing machines. The new "S" series pads benefit from a propriatary blend of synthetic and natural fibers. This "Blend" allows large surface polishing with consistant surface temperatures. "Warmer" than wool or cotton but "cool" enough to completely prohibit surface overheating. The "S" series pads give an unparalled & consistant finish, on a wide variety of surface types, using a wide variety of polishing compounds, and at the same time, providing unparalled pad longevity and durability.

This is the DRUM TYPE polishing pad to use, when a "SUPER FINISH" is required.

Below is a close-up, showing the tight, even & dense, "nap" or "pile", of the SPEC "S" type pad

Above is a magnified image, showing the blending of the synthetic & natural fibers. Note the density and consistency of material.

Shown above is a close-up of our heavy guage Polyester backing. Chosen for it's Tough and Durable characteristics and it's ability to hold the pad shape, (no stretch), on the drum.

Please contact us to arrange for a sample of the new SPEC "S" Series DRUM type pad, to trial, for your application(s).

Announcing the new "S" series (Synthetic Blend) "WASH/APPLICATION PAD" (Fits all standard holders with HOOK backing.) Perfect for applying polish prior to "DRUM" type "Deep Cleaning / Polishing", a plain "DRY WASH" or for an old fashioned "WET WASH". Also FANTASTIC for APPLYING Polishes, NanoCoatings or "Buffing them out" (if you don't have a SPEC™ DRUM type polisher) in hard to reach places.

Can be machine washed hundreds of times and still retain their integrity for maximum longevity and performance.

This "BLEND" of fibers OUT LASTS & OUT PERFORMS, ALL standard wash pad / applicators.

SPEC™"Drum"Type "HD" Polishing / Buffing Pads. On the right are the SPEC 1300B "DETAILER" pads

(The circular "AERO-BUFF®" pad is shown above for comparison only)


AVAILABLE in the following sizes: (Diameter X Width)

Our Pads also fit on all types & older discontinued "DRUM" type polishing machines.

If you are unsure of which type pad best suits your polishing needs, or should you require a "Speciality Made" product to fit your requirements, please do not hesitate in contacting us. (see bottom of this page)

Our facility manufactures our "DRUM" Type polishing pads to the highest standards, as demanded by the Commercial Aviation Industry.



Quality Control

For more information or to place an order, e-mail to: Spec Distribution International Inc.

(Please put: Polishing Pad Information Request, in the subject line. It helps weed out the TONS of spam we get.)

or telephone 001 (450) 458-2304 (Eastern Standard North American Time)
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